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    A life lease agreement occurs when a person buys the exclusive right to occupy a unit in a particular development for life, a fixed term or until the person can no longer live independently within the unit.

    BOOKLET 2019

    This booklet is currently under review.

    8 PAGES

    Adult Interdependent Partners include unmarried couples and non-sexual partners who live together.
    BOOKLET 2019

    This sample is meant only to be a guide to assist you in developing your own room rental agreement, and may include terms that do not apply to your situation.
    FORM 2020

    A Personal Directive is a written, signed, dated and witnessed document that appoints someone else to look after your personal matters when you cannot. (non-financial only)
    BOOKLET 2019

    If you die without a Will, it's often costly, complicated and time-consuming to settle your estate. A Will ensures your belongings are distributed according to your wishes, with as few problems as possible.
    BOOKLET 2019

    By preparing a Power of Attorney now, you can ensure that your property is managed by someone who knows you and what you want, when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.
    BOOKLET 2019

    Things to consider when making an Enduring Power of Attorney.
    CHECKLIST 2020

    Spanish translation of Elder Abuse.
    NEW BOOKLET 2020

    On June 17, 2016, Canada passed Bill C-14, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code, to enable citizens to access medical assistance in dying. The law changed on March 17 2021.
    BOOKLET 2021

    This tip sheet describes mental capacity and its importance in decision making.
    TIP SHEET 2021

    Landlords must follow both the Housing Regulation and Minimum Housing and Health Standards for the upkeep and condition of their rental properties.
    BOOKLET 2022

    This tip sheet covers what you need to know when it comes to mould and rental properties.
    TIP SHEET 2021


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    Printed size 11" X 17"
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    Somali Translation of Making an Enduring Power of Attorney.
    BOOKLET 2020

    Tagalog translation of Making a Will.
    BOOKLET 2020

    Tagalog translation of Making an Enduring Power of Attorney.
    BOOKLET 2020

    Tagalog translation of Making a Personal Directive.
    BOOKLET 2020

    Tagalog translation of Elder Abuse.
    BOOKLET 2020

    This sample agreement contains examples of what can be covered by a pet agreement. It should be adapted to fit your particular situation.
    FORM 2020

    In a pet resume you want to highlight your pet's best attributes and show that you are a responsible pet owner.
    FORM 2020

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