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    Losing a job is very traumatic: financially and emotionally. This tip sheet lists some of the things you might want to know if this happens to you.
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    The Alberta Human Rights Act prevents discrimination based on age.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    TIP SHEET 2019

    TIP SHEET 2019

    The Alberta Human Rights Act protects you from discrimination and makes sure that you have an equal opportunities.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    Senior tenants may have special needs which require accommodation in housing.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    This booklet provides you with some of the signs to watch for and ways to address or report elder abuse or neglect.
    BOOKLET 2019

    The Alberta Human Rights Act helps to protect renters from discrimination and harassment.
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    The Alberta Housing Act creates the opportunity for seniors to live in housing they can afford.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    Condominiums are a common housing choice for seniors because of the high-amenity, low-maintenance lifestyle.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    Seniors who rent have the same rights and repsonsibilities as other renters.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    A nursing home is for seniors with complex medical needs, with 24-hour access to an on-site Registered Nurse.
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    If a landlord has discriminated against you, you may file a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.
    BOOKLET 2019

    The Alberta Human Rights Act protects the human rights of Albertans by not allowing discrimination.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    A tenancy law dispute is different than a human rights complaint. This booklet outlines some of your options.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    Some landlords may ask for information they do not need to know. This could be discrimination.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    Landlords may need to make changes to ensure there are no negative effects on individuals based on protected grounds.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    Discrimination can be in different forms. It can be something that someone says or does or something in a policy.
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