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Developed for use in workshops, this manual could be used as a reference guide. It has three modules:

  • Elder Abuse, Capacity and the Law;
  • Planning Ahead: Using Legal Tools;
  • Let's Talk - Begin the Conversation

March 2015

This tip sheet outlines the steps in setting up a plan and suggestions on how to have the conversation with your loved ones.
March 2015

This tip sheet describes mental capacity and its importance in determining the options that are available in the prevention of elder abuse.
March 2015

This tip sheet describes several legal tools that can be set up by an older adult, before his/her incapacity, that can help prevent elder abuse.
March 2015

This booklet is for people who want to know more about the content and uses of General Powers of Attorney.
December 2016

A life lease agreement occurs when a person buys the exclusive right to occupy a unit in a particular development for life, a fixed term or until the person can no longer live independently within the unit.
September 2010


A Personal Directive is a written, signed, dated and witnessed document that appoints someone else to look after your personal matters (non-financial only) .
April 2014


Things to consider when making a Personal Directive.
December 2015


By preparing a Power of Attorney now, you can ensure that your property is managed by someone who knows you and what you want, someone you trust to act in your best interests, when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.
December 2016

The purpose of writing a Will is to pass on your belongings to your loved ones according to your wishes and with as few problems as possible. If you die without a Will, it's often more costly, complicated and time-consuming to settle your estate.
October 2015


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