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General information on the role of Collection Agencies.
April 2015

The world of dating is different than it used to be, this booklet provides important information about legal issues related to new relationships.
December 2013


What you should know about debt and collections in Alberta.

December 2016

This booklet provides an overview of the turnover process and a checklist of documents that the developer must provide to the first elected board.
NEW April 2018


Elder abuse isn't just physical, it can also be sexual, emotional, and financial. This booklet provides information on what elder abuse is, how to recognize different forms of elder abuse and what to do about it.
June 2017

A summary of the types, examples and possible indicators of elder abuse.
March 2015

A summary of legal rememdies that can be taken when the best options have not been put in place to prevent elder abuse.
March 2015

Developed for use in workshops, this manual could be used as a reference guide. It has three modules:

  • Elder Abuse, Capacity and the Law;
  • Planning Ahead: Using Legal Tools;
  • Let's Talk - Begin the Conversation

March 2015

This tip sheet outlines the steps in setting up a plan and suggestions on how to have the conversation with your loved ones.
March 2015

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