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The Adult Trusteeship and Guardianship Act (AGTA) provides a variety of options that range from having someone provide a bit of help, to having someone take over decision making completely.
January 2012


Adult Interdependent Partners include unmarried couples but can also include non-sexual partners who live together. This booklet will help you understand the law in Alberta that applies to people who live together.
January 2013

Do you have questions about flooding and your rights as a landlord? Take a look at our new resource for answers to some common questions.
Prints to 8.5" x 14" (legal size paper)
July 2013

This tip sheet lists the main pieces of Alberta and federal legislation that relate most closely to elder abuse.
March 2015


Being a Guarantor is a big responsibility and can have serious consequences. It is important to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into and what the impact of signing the agreement may be.
NEW March 2018

A Personal Represenative (previously Executor) is the person named in a Will to carry out the directions contained in that Will. The Personal Representative is responsible for settling the person's affairs after death.
November 2015

This booklet is for people who have been asked to be an Agent under someone's Personal Directive. It explains what is involved in being an Agent.
June 2013

This booklet is for people who have been asked to be an Attorney under someone's Enduring Power of Attorney. It explains what is involved in being an Attorney.
December 2016

A chart summarizing the elements of each legal tool that can be used for the prevention of elder abuse.
March 2015


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