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This guide was developed for frontline service providers in Alberta. It provides general legal information on Alberta law only.
January 2016


This booklet explains the law and financial support when a relationship ends in Alberta. The booklet has information for people who were legally married and people who lived in a common law relationship.
June 2014


If you are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship, but worried about supporting yourself financially, this guide will explain financial support options that may be available to you.
May 2016

If you have experienced domestic violence, it is important to document and gather information about your experiences in case you have to make a court application.
May 2016

NEW The Alberta Family Law Act does not specifically give or protect grandparents' rights of access but it does provide for options such as applying to the court for a contact order or, if safety is an issue, arranging to be the caregiver or guardian of the children.


You should know your rights before you speak with anyone from children's services.
December 2017

If you are at-risk of or currently experiencing domestic violence and thinking of leaving your relationship, this information sheet lists some important things to consider in making a plan to leave.
May 2016

Do you have questions about and your rights as a tenant when you have lost your job? Take a look at our new resource for answers to some common questions.
Prints to 8.5" x 14" (legal size paper)
March 2015

This booklet features information for anyone who is not a Canadian citizen and has experienced or is at-risk of family violence.
September 2017

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