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Many condominium corporations will hire a condo manager (or condo management company) to look after the day to day affairs of the condominium complex. Here are some tips if your are hiring and working with a condo manager.
August 2016

A brief guide to a condominium's three key meetings - board meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM) and extraordinary general meetings.
NEW January 2018


Some unit owners may wish to rent, or are renting, their units. Condominium boards should know that the Condominium Property Act addresses the rental process, including what happens before, during and after a tenancy.
August 2016

A condo corporation has a legal obligation to respond to requests for certain information, depending on what is requested and who makes the request.
NEW January 2018

In Alberta, all condo corporations must establish and maintian a reserve fund to cover the costs of major repair and replacement of its property.
NEW January 2018

If a condominium is self-managed, the condo board is repsonsible for managing all day to day aspects of the property. This tip sheet contains information for condominium boards considering self-management.
August 2016

Condominium contributions (also known as condo fees), special assessments and reserve funds are different. Condo board members need to understand how they differ. The following tip sheet will help clarify how they differ.
August 2016

This booklet provides basic information about court fees and waivers in Alberta.
June 2016

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October 2017


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