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This handbook introduces the concept of accountability, shares some good accountability and transparency practices and suggest pathway for charities to learn more about how to be accountable.  By having good accountability and transparency practices, a charity can enhance its credibility.
January 2011

The purpose of this pack is to assist small and mid-size registered charities and non-profit organizations to assess where they are with their accountability and transparency practices and to plan how they will go about learning and establishing practices to ensure accountability.
January 2011

If you are renting a property with roommates, you may be able to avoid common problems by having a Roommate Agreement. This is meant only to be a guide to assist you in developing your own rental agreement, and may include terms that do not apply to your renting situation.
February 2011

Issues of safety and security are a major concern for both landlords and tenants. If you are a landlord, you need to be aware of options that you have for dealing with safety, including locks and secruity devices, repairs and crime.
March 2012

Issues of safety and security are a major concern for both landlords and tenants. If you are a tenant, you should be aware of the options that you have under Alberta's Residential Tenancies Act for dealing with the safety and security of your rental unit.
March 2012

If you are in a relationship in Alberta and are thinking of separating, you may want to consider creating a separation agreement.
May 2016

This booklet explains what you need to know about serving documents on an abusive spouse or partner.
May 2016

This booklet lists seven steps to sorting out a legal problem.


Shared accommodation is when you live with your landlord or a roommate.This booklet outlines what your legal rights and responsibilities are in this type of living situation.
June 2016

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