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An easy to read guide on renting in Alberta. This guide is meant to meet the resource needs of multicultural communities and the people that work with them, such as English language educators and settlement agencies. This guide provides general legal information on Alberta law only.
June 2016

This guide was developed for frontline service providers in Alberta. It provides general legal information on Alberta law only.
January 2016


If you are a homeowner and thinking about renting out a spare room in your home you should become familiar with the laws that relate to this type of living arrangement.
December 2013


As a landlord and owner of a condominium unit, you must be familiar with your responsibilities under both the Residential Tenancies Act and the Condominium Property Act.
September 2015

This booklet outllines what you and your landlord can do in terms of pets and animals, what you can do if you have a dispute with a condominium board, and where to go if you need further help or information.
December 2013


Five tips on how to be a responsible pet owner while renting.
December 2012

The right of a disabled or blind person to use a service or guide dog is protected by the Alberta Human Rights Act. Landlords have the duty to accommodate disabled persons with a qualified service or guide dog.
NEW April 2018

This booklet explains how the legal process works in Alberta. The booklet has information for people who were legally married and people who lived in a common law relationship.
June 2014


A Restraining Order is a type of no contact order that can be issued by a judge of the Court of Queen's Bench. This booklet will explain what you need to know about Restraining Orders.
May 2016

A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows homeowners to turn a portion of their home's equity into cash without having to sell their home. If you are thinking about entering into a reverse mortgage, there are some things that you should think about first.
September 2010


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