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    Some insight as to why the victim might stay in a domestic violence situation.
    NEW  TIP SHEET 2019

    This booklet provides information on what elder abuse is, how to recognize it and what to do about it.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    This tip sheet lists the main pieces of Alberta and federal legislation that relate most closely to elder abuse.
    TIP SHEET 2019


    A chart summarizing the elements of each legal tool that can be used for the prevention of elder abuse.
    TIP SHEET 2015


    A summary of the types, examples and possible indicators of elder abuse.
    TIP SHEET 2015

    A summary of legal remedies that can be taken when the best options have not been put in place to prevent elder abuse.
    TIP SHEET 2015

    This tip sheet outlines the steps in setting up a plan and suggestions on how to have the conversation with your loved ones.
    TIP SHEET 2015

    This guide is to be used for facilitating a workshop on the prevention of elder abuse. The audience for your sessions is assumed to be people who routinely work or volunteer with seniors.

    Developed for use in workshops, this manual could be used as a reference guide. It has three modules.

    This tip sheet describes mental capacity and its importance in determining the options that are available in the prevention of elder abuse.
    TIP SHEET 2015

    This tip sheet describes documents that can be set up by an older adult, before his/her incapacity, that can help prevent elder abuse.
    TIP SHEET 2019

    This tip sheet describes the process involved when elder abuse has been reported to the police.
    TIP SHEET 2015

    If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for Employment Insurance.
    NEW TIP SHEET 2019

    You've been served with a 14 day eviction notice. Is it legal? What are your next steps? This handy flow chart can help answer some of your questions.
    POSTER 2013

    Le but de la préparation d'un testament est de transmettre vos biens à vos proches selon vos souhaits et avec le moins de problèmes possible. Si vous décédez sans testament, il est souvent plus coûteux, plus compliqué et plus long de régler votre succession.
    NEW BOOKLET 2020

    Une directive personnelle est un document écrit, signé, daté et attesté qui désigne une autre personne pour s'occuper de vos affaires personnelles (uniquement non financières ).
    NEW BOOKLET 2020

    En préparant une procuration perpétuelle dès maintenant, vous pouvez vous assurer que vos biens sont gérés par une personne qui vous connaît et qui sait ce que vous voulez, une personne en qui vous avez confiance pour agir au mieux de vos intérêts, lorsque vous n'êtes pas en mesure de prendre des décisions par vous-même.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    This booklet explains custody and guardianship, parenting plans, agreements with the other parent, common problems and suggestions on how to resolve them.
    BOOKLET 2018

    This booklet explains the law and financial support when a relationship ends in Alberta.
    BOOKLET 2014


    This booklet explains the law and property division when a relationship ends, it has info for people who were legally married or were in a common law relationship.
    BOOKLET 2014


    This booklet explains how the legal process works in Alberta. The booklet has information for people who were legally married and people who lived in a common law relationship.
    BOOKLET 2014


    This booklet explains the law for young parents about pregnancy, adoption, guardianship, living together, getting married, living apart and child support.
    BOOKLET 2014


    If your property is being foreclosed upon, or you are a tenant in a property that is being foreclosed upon, this booklet explains how foreclosure works, and your rights during the process.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    This booklet is for people who want to know more about the content and uses of General Powers of Attorney.
    NEW BOOKLET 2020

    Do you need to probate or administer a deceased persons estate in Alberta? This booklet describes grants or probate and grants of administration and provides a step-by-step guide on applying to the court for a grant.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    The Alberta Family Law Act does not specifically give or protect grandparents' rights of access but it does provide for options in certain situations.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    If you are thinking of buying a condominium, there are some commonly used condominium terms that you should become familiar with.
    NEW TIP SHEET 2020

    Présente le concept de responsabilisation et de transparence, communique de bonnes pratiques en matière de responsabilisation et de transparence.
    BOOKLET 2011


    Dealing with hoarding in a tenancy situation involves a balancing act between a landlord's rights and tenant's rights under the law.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    Answers to some common "how old do I have to be" questions that young people have. This resource is great for teachers and youth workers. Pairs perfectly with the How Old Do I Have To Be poster.
    NEW BOOKLET 2020

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