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    This poster contains answers to some common "how old do I have to be" questions that young people have. This resource is great for teachers and youth workers.
    NEW POSTER 2019

    If you have a problem while renting, this tip sheet can help you figure out what to do.
    TIP SHEET 2018


    Do you have questions about your rights as a tenant when you have lost your job? This tip sheet answers some common questions.
    TIP SHEET 2018

    It is important to pick a roommate you like and can trust to pay the rent. These are things you should talk about before you move in together.


    This tip sheet gives an outline of how to tell if the information you are getting is good.
    TIP SHEET 2019


    This booklet is for people who would like to learn more about their constitutionally-protected French language minority rights outside of Quebec.
    BOOKLET 2013


    Cette brochure fournit des informations sur ce qu'est la maltraitance (abus) des personnes âgées, sur la manière de la reconnaître et sur les mesures à prendre pour y remédier.
    NEW BOOKLET 2020

    This CD contains educational resources matched to Alberta curriculum in a variety of subjects including social studies, science, CTS, CALM and health and life skills.
    CD 2013

    This tip sheet explains some of the main differences between legal information and legal advice.
    TIP SHEET 2019


    A life lease agreement occurs when a person buys the exclusive right to occupy a unit in a particular development for life, a fixed term or until the person can no longer live independently within the unit.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    Adult Interdependent Partners include unmarried couples and non-sexual partners who live together.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    This sample is meant only to be a guide to assist you in developing your own room rental agreement, and may include terms that do not apply to your situation.
    NEW FORM 2020

    A Personal Directive is a written, signed, dated and witnessed document that appoints someone else to look after your personal matters (non-financial only) .
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    Things to consider when making a Personal Directive.

    The purpose of writing a Will is to pass on your belongings to your loved ones according to your wishes and with as few problems as possible. If you die without a Will, it's often more costly, complicated and time-consuming to settle your estate.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    Things to consider when making a Will.

    By preparing a Power of Attorney now, you can ensure that your property is managed by someone who knows you and what you want, someone you trust to act in your best interests, when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.
    NEW BOOKLET 2019

    Things to consider when making an Eduring Power of Attorney.

    On June 17, 2016, Canada passed Bill C-14, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code, to enable citizens to access medical assistance in dying.
    TIP SHEET 2016

    This tip sheet describes mental capacity and its importance in decision making.
    TIP SHEET 2015

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